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Hire a professional demolition team for your deck removal. We are competitively priced, safe and clean. Our pricing is transparent and our work is solid. Call Us now for a no obligation quote.

Our team can handle every job, large or small, low or high!

We are a team of hard working and at height certified professionals and can do at heights deck demolition as well.

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Professional Service

About Deck Demolition

We Use Professional Equipment

Deck Demolition is Southern Ontario’s premier deck removal company. From a single small truck, Deck Demolition grew to a multi-vehicle demolition and hauling company that services the GTA and outlying areas from Kitchener to Pickering and beyond. We will take your deck down fast and safely and haul it to the nearest recycling or disposal site. 


Deck Demolition is an Ontario company that safely and effectively demolitions decks and hauls detritus. We are a one-stop shop for all your deck demolition needs. What makes us different from the competition? We use only the most professional commercial-grade tools. We care about our customers and the environment in which they live. Each year several trees equivalent to the population of the earth are cut down. This is a massive waste of material when most of the wood reclaimed from a work site can be reused or recycled with no ill effects. Why pay a premium for new wood when you can get a great discount and help the planet at the same time. We can remove whole boards and posts, sorting them, and keeping them in good condition for recycling or reuse. 

Our service provides not only the peace of mind that your unwanted deck has been removed but that the wood will be put to good use while protecting the world’s valuable forests for coming generations. 

Common Reasons to Demolish a Deck

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Your deck is constantly under fire, sometimes literally if the day is dry and hot enough. Decks suffer through storms, snow, ice and humidity. The wood warps and weathers and the colour drains to grey. What was once alive is dead and the pleaser seems less. The structural integrity of your deck can be reduced by the sun, by time and by the weather. Insects can also harm your deck, from a carpenter and bees to termites there is no end to what your deck has to go through on adaily basis. Your deck can also serve as a home for wild animals and rodents. This can turn your beloved deck into a death trap of softwood ready to break underfoot. While there are ways to make a deck last longer there is nothing you can do to stop the elements and eventually the time will come that you will have to have the deck removed and replaced. 

How we work

Deck Repair Service

Step 1

Our trained and skilled technicians are insured to demolish any deck regardless of the structure of materials involved. We can remove and haul anything from metal to concrete and, of course, wood!

Remodeled Deck Joists backyard

Step 2

We do it all, proper removal of deck boards to ensure they can be recycled or used again, removal of deck posts and concrete supports. Our skilled technicians will protect your home from dents and scratches as they carefully remove the deck from your property.


Step 3

We price by the amount of material, and there is no limit to the amount of material we will haul. The costs are clear with no strings attached so call now for a free estimate.

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