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What you need for your deck removal is a professional, experienced and trained team. We are safe, and clean and offer a competitive price. Our work is of very high quality and our pricing is clear as crystal. Call Us now for a no-obligation quote.

Our trained technicians can work on any deck, high or low, large or small.

Our team is made of experienced and at-height certified professionals who can demolish decks at any height. We remove decks and haul away all the debris to be recycled.

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Our demolition prices start at $10/square foot of deck or other wooden structure on your property. The price we offer for removal depends on a number of things from the type of wood used to build the deck, the amount of wood, the process of removal and the accessibility of the deck as well as how it was assembled. Does the deck have legs on the ground or is it supported with legs set in concrete under ground? These are things that will define the cost of removal. If your deck is at ground level it can be cheaper to tear down than one that is higher up. A rooftop deck may be more expensive than that.  A relatively easily accessible deck of about 100 square feet would be roughly $1000 to be taken apart, loaded on a truck or a bin, and disposed of appropriately through a wood recycling plant. The labor and materials, the transportation and disposal costs, are included in the total price for the tear-down. Any items left on the deck will be disposed of, so make sure to clear them off before we start the tear-down. Debris removal is part of the price. We need only parking and a place to load our vehicles. If your deck is larger, the cost of removing it will be higher than for a smaller deck.

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Why Choose Us

Deck Demolition Aurora. A deck is a measure to have, it allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet of your backyard without having to get your shoes wet or dirty. You can fill it with furniture and make it an outdoor room of your home. You can cook on it and entertain on it and in a sense, it becomes a bigger part of the home than the interior. It’s where you get to be in nature and in the comfort of your own dwelling. However, decks require constant upkeep no matter what material they are made out of. Natural wood and concrete require the most. Even patio stones can break and become uneven making your deck dangerous to walk on. Wooden decks are some of the most dangerous when left unkept. If they are raised even just one foot off the ground a weak board could break someone’s bones or even worse. Keeping your deck healthy is important and requires a great deal of work on a yearly basis. Replacing deck boards that have weakened or rotted, fixing in-ground supports, checking the two-by-fours that support your deck, and ensuring the wood is stable and not warped. You must be careful and thorough or your deck will go from safe to dangerous and once the deck has started to deteriorate it must be removed. Doing this yourself can be time consuming and dangerous so call a professional company like Deck demolition Aurora.

We are able to demolish decks, sheds, and other outdoor structures including gazebos and even stone decks and patios, the property will be clear and ready for whatever you want to do with it, and in record time. Demolition and cleaning are done at the same time which is why you will never see any debris on site, only a deck that rapidly vanishes into the ether. Our pricing comes with this free disposal and our pricing is always clear and transparent. Call us for an estimate today!: 647-370-8133​

We have the equipment to remove any deck made of any material at all. Your deck could be PVC, stone, or even concrete and we can remove it. Anything from sheds to third-story balconies we can remove it all. All of our technicians are covered with liability insurance and life insurance so both you and our workers are safe and protected. 

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How we Work

Our process is simple. Get the deck down fast and clean with nothing left on your property, not even one nail. When we are finished your property will be ready for whatever you want to do with it, even constructing a new deck. We leave no stone unturned and remove the deck piece by piece safely and without damaging your home or property. In ground supports are removed and the holes filled with gravel and dirt, planks are removed along with rails and banisters and then the sub deck is removed along with supports and any other aspects like stone pathways or side paneling. Concrete decks are removed with machinery and the area beneath it is cleared and ready for sodding. We dispose of materials with the earth in mind. Any wood that can still be used is taken to a place where it can be taken by people who want to use it for a new project. Any wood that needs to be recycled is taken to a special site that can reclaim it. Stone and concrete and safely disposed of any anything related to the deck on your property Our Deck Demolition AURORA technicians are fully insured and fully trained and very experienced. They can take on any kind of job no matter the size. Our tools are commercial grade and our hauling is industrial. Whatever you need we can remove it. If you have a deck you don’t want, then we can help.

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Hire a professional to remove your deck

A professional is someone who takes their job seriously. We all know people who do not take their job seriously, standing around drinking coffee while work goes undone. That is what we strive to eradicate. When we arrive we will start our work immediately. No need for breaks or coffee runs, we had it before we came. We do the work consistently with great speed and care ensuring your home and property are undamaged and ready for use immediately after we leave. Any in ground support hole is filled and tamped down to be sure it is safe to walk on and we dispose of everything into the removal bin or cube truck down to the last nail. Your property will be fresh and new like there never was a deck there in the first place. They will ensure that your AURORA home is undamaged, and that your satisfaction is ensured.

Why Demolish or Replace A Deck

Decks are a joy to have either in the front or the back of your home. Preferably both. They offer a place to rest and relax with the wind on your face and the sun beaming down without having to trudge through wet grass or mud. Add an over hang and that deck is practically a second room of your home. Nothing can compare to the joy of a deck. You can nap, you can read you can watch the sun set and rise. You can drink your morning coffee and entertain guests even start up a barbecue and serve a glorious dinner to your friends and family. Its a wonderful addition to any house and makes living that much better. That being said. Your deck is not invincible. It ages and grows old and loses its strength and with that its safety. The wind and rain and sunlight, the cold and the heat slowly beat the deck into submission. Insects like termites and carpenter ants and bees can drill holes through it reducing its structural integrity. Water can rot it and sunlight can shrink it exposing rusted nails that can give you tetanus. There is no end of danger and if your deck is not cared for and repaired on a regular basis then the chance of it becoming unsafe increases. What if you bought a new house with a deck? It looks grey and old the boards are warped and it does not look safe to stand on. The best option is to call in a professional to inspect it and if its done fore then tear it down. You can use the space for something else or just put up a new deck. But an old deck that has not been cared for is a physical threat to you and your family.

Whatever the reason Deck Demolition Aurora will be with you every step of the way. 

Our Deck Demolition Aurora’s Team is fully insured and licensed and highly trained and experienced. Our tools are always commercial grade and we can take down your deck often in one day while hauling it away in the process. We never throw the wood away we take it to a recycling plant so the wood can be made into something useful. We will remove it carefully and take it to our cube van or bin and make sure it remains usable.

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