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If you have an old deck that needs to be demolished then we are the ones you want to do it. We are safe, and clean and offer a competitive price. Our work is of very high quality and our pricing is clear as crystal. Call Us now for a no-obligation quote.

Our trained technicians can work on any deck, high or low, large or small.

Our team is made of experienced and at-height certified professionals with full liability coverage, who can demolish decks at any height. We remove decks and haul away all the debris to be recycled.

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The prices we go through to gauge the cost of deck demolition start with the square foot. A deck that is one hundred square feet in size with no in-ground concrete supports, no overhang, or other aspects other than the boards and supports will be one thousand dollars to demolish. No hidden fees no secondary charges, your deck, is gone in one day and hauled away for one simple and crystal clear flat fee. The inspection of the deck is free as well so you don’t have to worry about injections fees just a fast and essay inspection with a flat rate price.

Why Choose Us

Deck Demolition Barrie. Decks are a beloved part of North American life and give us the ability to be both in nature and still be at home. It’s like another room of our home that opens up to the sky. A place where we can get together, eat, and drink with our family and friends in a space where the sky is our roof. From dawn to dusk we can enjoy everything that is natural without leaving the safety of our backyards. No trudging through wet grass or mud, and with an overhang, even the rain can’t stop the fun. It’s a place you can relax and find yourself and a place where friends and family can meet and engage with each other. A deck or patio is a wonderful thing to have but also needs a great deal of upkeep. Without general care and upkeep a deck can transform from a place to have fun to a place of danger with broken boards and rusted nails ready to harm you and your family. Even a well-kept deck will eventually need to be torn down but taking care of it will extend its life. If your deck is on its last legs then you will need to get rid of it and the best way to do that is to call deck demolition. We can do it all, fast, affordable, and with disposal included in the price. No strings attached and with a free inspection to boot.

Demolition and cleaning are done at the same time which is why you will never see any debris on site, only a deck that rapidly vanishes into nothing. We fill in holes left by unground supports so your property will not be a danger to your family after we leave and we recycle and dispose of materials in an earth-friendly way. Our pricing comes with this free disposal and our pricing is always clear and transparent. Call us for an estimate today!: 647-370-8133​

We use the highest quality equipment. We can take down decks made of any material from stone to concrete. Your deck could be PVC, pressure-treated wood, slate, paving stones, or more. They can all be removed by experienced, trained, and insured technicians with disposal included in the price. Not one nail will be missed to ensure the safety of your family. From sheds to third-story balconies we can remove it all.

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How we Work

Worried about lazy construction workers taking a dozen coffee breaks and standing around doing nothing while one person feigns working? Not with us. You will be shocked and astounded at our speed and efficiency. We get to work straight away meticulously disassembling the deck from board to joist to support often finishing the whole job in just one day. We clean as we work so there will be no debris on your property for the workers or you to trip over. The deck will come down like lightning. An d when we leave there will be no sign there was ever a deck there in the first place. We also do not dispose of wood in dumps. We believe that wasting wood damages the environment so non of the wood we take will ever appear in a dump or land fill, instead we will take it to a recycling station that allows the wood to be used for new things or to donate it to causes that are important. Our Deck Demolition Barrie team are fully insured and fully trained and very experienced. They can reduce any deck to portable rubble in an instant and save you the hassle of having to do it all yourself. Our tools are commercial grade and our hauling is industrial. Whatever you need we can remove it. If you have a deck you don’t want, then we can help.

Hire a professional to remove your deck

Professionals are people that do their job while showing respect to their clients and that is how this company functions. We get straight to work and do not waste time. You will never see our technicians stationing aroundnd with coffee and a doughnut. You will see them working and disassembling the deck at a rapid pace while clearing the materials and placing them into the vehicle for hauling. There will be nothing left on the property after we are done. Not one nail or piece of wood. Any in group supports will be removed and the holes filled with grave and dirt and tapped down to ensure there is no chance of injury. No two decks are the same, neither are the people who own them. Our team knows exactly what to look for when tearing down a deck. Nothing will be missed, down to the last nail. We will tear the deck down structurally, piece by piece in astounding pace. They will ensure that your Barrie home is undamaged, and that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why Demolish or Replace A Deck

Decks bring people together in a great way, from family barbecues to dinner parties with friends and birthday parties with three dozen children running amok. It’s a wonderful life so why not live it to its fullest? You can do that with a great deck that is made from any material you want. They even make decks out of plastic. One recommendation is not to use pressure-treated wood. This type of wood has dangerous chemicals in it which means it cannot be used again and must be disposed of in a landfill. That’s not earth friendly. Use regular wood and weather-treat it every spring and it will last you a very long time and look much better than pressure-treated wood which loses its grain.

Insects and wildlife are also fond of decks. Raccoons, skunks, groundhogs and rats all love living under Tham and will often dedicate to the deck itself raccoon feces is especially dangerous as it contains a parasitic worm called raccoon roundworm which is untreatable and deadly. For this reason, many people who have a deck don’t want it and that is why you should have it removed safely and quickly by professionals. Trying to do it yourself can take weeks or even months. It’s not a job for a weekend warrior and even worse if you do not have experience doing this sort of demolition. It can also be dangerous, removing the wrong section at the wrong time could result in the deck collapsing onto you. No one wants to get injured from renovations.

Our Deck Demolition Barrie Team is fully insured and licensed and highly trained and experienced. Our tools are always commercial grade and we can take down your deck often in one day while hauling it away in the process. We never throw the wood away we take it to a recycling plant so the wood can be made into something useful. We will remove it carefully and take it to our cube van or bin and make sure it remains usable.