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If you have a deck that is old and ugly with greying wood and shrinking pine, wood rot and nails sticking out its time to get it demolished. Do it yourself, right? Are you sure? Tetanus shots hurt a lot and all those rusty nails are hard to keep track off. Do you have all the tools you would need to do it safely and do you know the process for taking down a deck safely. What about time? Are you a weekend warrior? This could take months if you are doing it on your own during the weekend. And the chance of injury is sever. There are very large pieces of wood used in building a deck and some of them can fall suddenly and hit your foot or leg. Think smart, call a professional to do it.

Our pricing is standard, our technicians are insured, our work is flawless and we recycle everything. 

Our trained technicians can work on any deck, high or low. With at heights training and full liability coverage, they can take down a deck at any height and of any size, big or small, tall or short. We’ll tear it down and haul it to a recycling plant the same day. 

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The price for removing a deck starts at $10 per foot plus applicable taxes. There are other costs such as in-ground concrete supports for example but otherwise the price is standard. That means your 100 square foot deck can be taken down, same day, hauled, same day for as little as 1000 dollars. This is a great offer and a great price with technicians that are fully insured for liability and injury including emergency dental you really cannot get a better offer anywhere else. We will come with our own technicians all of which are on a salary, we never hire outside the company for help, and hauling the deck is included with the price. When we start we will immediately dispose of anything on the deck to make the work go faster. So leave what you don’t want, and take what you want inside. Debris removal is part of the price. All we ask for is a place to park and to load our trucks. 

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Why Choose Us

Deck Demolition Bradford.
When we come to demolish your deck we are not going to be using crowbars. We bring only the highest quality industrial and commercial-grade tools to take that deck down fast and efficiently. No prying deck boards off or struggling with an unusual construction. We will plow through that deck like it’s made of tissue paper and keep track of every nail and splinter ensuring you will have a fresh clean area to do with as you, please. We can take down gazeboes, multi-floor decks with overhangs, PVC decks, composite decks, and decks made of concrete. We will always price it competitively and we won’t leave a mess. Our pricing is always clear and transparent, call us for an estimate today at 647-370-8133

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How we Work

We start work right away, the moment we arrive we will start the inspection and the wood will be removed within minutes. We work structurally to prevent accidents and keep your family safe in the event the takedown takes more than one day. We will always haul everything that has been taken down the same day to prevent injury and will tape off areas of danger so you and your family are safe during the demolition. We do not work aggressively, we work fast and smart, we disablement, not tear apart. The planks will be removed, the railings and banisters, and then the understructure of two-by-fours followed by whatever support is used to keep the deck in place.

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Hire a professional to remove your deck

A professional is more than just a technician. We do not contract outside help to do our jobs because we need to insure the safety of our own salaried employees. Each of our employees is protected with liability insurance, a benefit plan and a pension. They are kept safe by these things ensuring you cannot be liable for any and all injuries on site. You and your family will be safe with us. Our services is also professional. Our technicians do not stand around on site and the work is not charged on an hourly basis this means we get to work and want to complete it as fast and as safely as possible. We want tp protect you from any damage to your house or liability regarding injury so we keep track of every nail and splinter. You are safe in our hands and will enjoy a very pleasurable exchange with a deck seen and gone in an instance.

Why Demolish or Replace A Deck

Decks are wonderful and a benefit to your home but they don’t last forever. They rot and age and warp and eventually, especially if they have not been taken care of will become more dangerous than they are enjoyable. With rusted nails sticking out of warped wood and the risk of a board breaking under your feet its only reasonable to want it gone. If you love your deck you can have a new one built, maybe there was something the last one was missing, nows the time to get that extra space you always wanted. Or maybe you moved into a new house to find the deck was never taken care of and now it’s a liability for you. Removing that deck will keep not only your family safe but all the pets and children in the neighborhood. Either way, getting it removed is a boon to your community, and the government is plagued by injuries from ramshackle decks and badly constructed buildings that add risk to human health instead of making life safer for people in the community.

Our Deck Demolition Bradford Team is fully insured and licensed and highly trained and experienced. Our tools are always commercial grade and we can take down your deck often in one day while hauling it away in the process. We never throw the wood away we take it to a recycling plant so the wood can make it into something useful. We will remove it carefully and take it to our cube van or bin and make sure it remains usable.

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