jigsaw used to cut decks

Can You Cut Decking With a Jigsaw ?

Decks are defined by cubist and modernist values, simply put they are rectangular for a reason. Making a deck is difficult and time-consuming. Making an exotic deck is even more so. A jigsaw is used for making shapes, mostly round ones. If that is your plan to make an avant-garde rounded deck then have at it. However, there are still better tools for that than a jigsaw. If you plan on making a beautiful and functional deck that is ergonomic and made for you and your family’s lifestyle then you are going to need the proper tools for building a deck. Trying to cut a straight line with a jigsaw is like trying to balance a plate on your nose, it can be done but why do it? Get a saw, a hand saw is good enough to build a deck the slow way but a circular saw will make the work fly by.

The first and most important tool is a table saw. This is a saw that is built into a table and allows the cutting of very large pieces of wood on exclusively right angles unless you are good with making Jigs, which are handmade or store-bought devices that allow you to stabilize a piece of wood at an odd angle on the cutting table. After that, you will need a drill to holes in the wood for the screws. Failing to do this will result in the wood splitting and becoming structurally unsound. Split wood is useless so pre-drill every hole unless you plan on assembling with nails. Even then they can split the wood as well. This can be done with an electric hand drill or with a drill press which is easier to keep stable and easier to make good perfect holes with. The press can also make much larger holes than a hand-operated drill can accomplish in novice hands. The next thing you will need is a drill and screws. While many professionals recommend using galvanized waterproof steel brackets to stabilize the wood for the long term. Using bolts instead of screws can take more time but will result in an all-around stronger structure that will be able to handle a lot of people at once and can support large and heavy outdoor appliances like a full BBQ and oven or a swing set and slide. Using bolts will make the deck lasts longer and raise the value it adds to your property.

Your deck can be any shape and any height it can be a balcony on the fourth floor of your house or a flat deck of wood straight on the ground. You can hire a designer or dream up your idea. Whatever you do, do not just build a deck. Build something that reminds you of who you are and what you like to do. An outdoor kitchen? A place to make drinks and talk? A quiet place to read or have breakfast. Anything is possible when you plan and use the correct tools for the job.