deck construction

Does a Deck Add Value To a House?

As a pool or a tiled bathroom with exotic fixtures, a deck is a material structure that will modify the price of your home. This is not always up. A badly built, and especially dangerous structure will dramatically lower the value of your property and even cause the local government to demand its destruction for the safety of the neighborhood’s children and pets. For the same reason, all pools must be fenced off, children and animals are not aware of consequences and our society protects them from those consequences by restricting what can and cannot be built. Hiring a professional can come with many benefits. Getting a designer deck can mean a massive boost to your home value. Balancing the costs with the bells and whistles is the key to making the perfect deck.

How do you make a deck that will raise the value of your home?

It’s simple: three steps must be followed for your deck to be a boon to the value of your home.

  1. Your choice of wood is the single most important choice you can make. If you do not know much about wood then rely on the holy trinity of deck woods. Red Wood, Cherry, and Oak. These are the best and strongest and most attractive woods to make your deck from. Cherry is more affordable than redwood which is endangered in many places and oak is plentiful but comes with a higher price tag. This is why a lot of people would think pine is a good choice. Pine is very weak and can snap under a human’s weight without being rotted out. Pine is weak, do not use it. Trying to make a deck from expensive wood like teak is also a mistake. The deck will get old and will have to be torn down and replaced for the house to keep its value. This can get expensive in the long run and is not fiscally worth wile as there is an upper ceiling on the value a deck can give a house. So no decks are made of Lignum Vitae, a strange and rare wood with high oil content and a magnificent multi-colored grain in bright hues. This goes normally at about one hundred dollars Canadian per foot.
  2. Your deck needs to look good. You cannot just whip a deck together. There is more to it than that. If you get your deck designed by a skilled professional then the sky is the limit on how much it can improve the value of your home. A good attractive and tastefully appointed deck that provides cover from the elements in some way could be the thing that sells your house. An ugly boring deck made of PU plastic is the way to lower the value of your home, by quite a lot. The reason for this is that when people look at your home they do not see what they can do with it, most people see what it is. So if the deck is ugly they will be focused on getting rid of it and if they have options they will go for the house with the better deck. Decks are a room outside and are possibly the most valued structure in domestic life.