Deck Wood Rot Repair

How Do You Fix Rotted Deck Boards

Decks can rot due to high levels of humidity in the environment as well as because of pooling water. If your deck is always damp or wet, if you live in an area where it rains a lot or if you live near water, you will likely see rot form on your deck. Deck rot is caused by microorganisms that can only survive on the deck when it is wet. The longer it says wet the longer the organisms have access to their food. What do they eat? The cellulose of course. They can devour all the cellulose in your wood leaving it rotting, moldy, and brittle. You will see large and dangerous splinters rising from the boards, when they warp, grey, and discolor. This is how you can tell that weather and rot have set in. If you walk on your deck and get the strange sensation of bouncing your deck is likely near death and is now a hazard to walk on. Falling through a deck board is not a joke and can cause severe harm. So, if your deck is rotting out and you think you need it torn down then we can help.

Decks are a great place to spend time with family and friends. The deck represents a room outside of your home. A room with a floor so your shoes stay dry and clean while getting to enjoy being outside. This is a fundamental part of being human, separate from nature but still enjoying it. To enjoy the outdoors without having to be standing in it. But decks do not last forever. Even stone, concrete, and PVC decks will age and lose their structural integrity. This is just how natural objects work. If you want a deck made of natural, untreated, or unpainted wood then be prepared to tear it down in five years. If you give it a UV-resistant coating (on both sides of the wood) then it can last for ten. A PVC deck will last even longer if kept in good condition but remember that plastic bends over time. So, deck boards can slip out of place. Stone and concrete are the traditions for small decks. Some people use paving stones and some like an ornate pattern in their brick or stone decks. These decks can stand for a hundred years, sadly that amount of time passes rather quickly these days and anyone who owns a century home can tell you how much trouble a stone or concrete deck can be.

If you want to fix the deck rot you will need to start early before the wood is rotted through. You will need to chisel out the rotting wood. If you chisel and chisel and chisel until you go through the wood, then it is time to tear down the deck. However, if it ends after a few millimeters of wood, you can do it to every rotting plank and post and preserve it with wood putty and a UV weather resistant coating. This will prevent water and dampness from allowing mold to penetrate your deck.