How Do you Know If you need to replace your deck

How Do You Know if Your Deck Needs Replacing?

How do you know if your deck needs replacing?A deck is a common appendage of any home. They can be made of many different material. The most common being wood. However, decks can be made from many other materials. A deck can be made from any material that can support a person. This can include metal, concrete, clay and even plastic in some situations. The form a deck can take is equally as broad. Decks can be on the second floor or flat to the ground.

They can have multiple levels and staircases that lead to further stories of decks. Your deck could surround your home or it could be a threefoot by twofoot concrete block with two steps that sits at your front door. No matter what it looks like, how much it cost or how insignificant or grand it is, all decks must be cared for and repaired regularly or they will start to degrade. Why do decks degrade? If they are made of untreated wood they will be at the mercy of mother nature, weather changes and pressure changes will warp and transform the wood, ageing it and weakening it. If you want a deck that will last more than three years then you will have to use another material like pressuretreated wood, concrete or stone.

These are also more expensive options that will age slower but will still need repair and replacement. When a deck gets too old, and all decks, no matter the structure or material, will get old, they become very dangerous to walk on. Planks age at different rates and concrete is heavily affected by winter weather as well as how it was mixed, placed and dried. If your deck is looking old then you should act quickly. Inspect the deck boards for cracks and holes and make sure to check under the deck because cracks can hide on the underside. This can be hard if the deck is flat on the ground but inspecting your deck is the best way to keep it safe. Fasteners are a big danger for an old sun burnt deck.

The deck wood shrinks and shrivels and warps and nails will pop up. Walking on it barefoot may cause injury as well as tripping hazards and the chance of getting tetanus. Sings of rot are important to note as well. If the wood looks greenish and is not pressure treated then it is rotting. You will need to replace that board right away. The biggest warning is something you can feel on your own, when you walk on the deck does it feel like you are bouncing up and down? If that is happening then your deck is crackingeverywhere. If you are noticing any of these signs then you will need to get your deck fully repaired or demolished and rebuilt. Doing this on your own is a major task.

There are a lot of tools and protective equipment you will need to do the work and the work itself will take a long time and will be very dangerous. Professional deck removal technicians are trained in the dangers of deck demolition and insured for injury onsite, protecting you from any liability or injury. They will take your deck down faster, safer and with little to no damage to the structure of the house.