Deck Removal

How Long Does It Take To Demolish a Deck

Deck demolition is not a science. It is just hard work. You will need the right tools, the time and the ability to carry out all materials for disposal. We work in crews of 2 or 3 so we can turn around a deck demolition fairly quickly. In most cases a few hours for a small deck and maybe a day for a larger one. If you are doing it alone set aside a day or two to get the job done. The time it takes to demolish a deck can vary depending on several other factors. The length of time it takes to take down a deck depends on a lot of variables.

How old or new is the deck. An old weatherdamaged deck that is about to fall apart may not take very long to disassemble and rip down because the nails are barely in and the wood planks are all loose and cracking. A new deck that is only a year old is much more timeconsuming to remove. If the deck is made of pressuretreated wood, if the posts are dug in or cemented in and if the deck hasother structures on it. Does the deck have a banister or a wall? Does the deck have builtin seating or storage? Is the deck two stories? Is it made of these slats or is the entire deck made of two by fours and four by fours? The weight of the wood, the method used to connect the planks to the posts and the use of screws over nails can all change the time it takes to get the deck down. If you need to get your deck demolished for a reason other than age then it would be a good idea to get an estimate from a professional.

Starting such a big process on your own without research or help from a professional could be a fools’ errand.Also, remember the cost. Hiring a professional company to remove the deck will be much faster. They can take down an average deck in a day where it may take you several days because you are alone and doing the work on weekends when you are free. This will make the demolition take even longer and will make a mess of your property for an extended period. Professionals come prepared with not only all the tools they need but special tools for special situations. Renting or buying all these tools is already a huge cost. Unless you have a woodshopin your garage it’s going to be a massive expense.

If your deck is old and small you may be able to pull it down with a little help in just a weekend. If it is dug in, not pressure treated and not made with heavy wood like four by fours then you should have an easy enough time removing it. But if the posts are set in concrete and your deck is larger than a few square feet you will not be able to do it on your own. Call a professional who can do it in a day or two with insured technicians who know how to tear a deck down fast and safely.