Composite Wood Deck with Metal Railing

Is Composite Decking Worth the Extra Cost?

Decks are not cheap in general. The cost of building a deck from wood is expensive because the wood has become endangered in many places. Many people have gone with the option of a composite deck. What’s great about these composite decks is they are made from one hundred percent recycled wood. The wood that’s is made from is called wood flour or recycled post-industrial material. There are other materials you can make a deck out of and they are all long-lasting, cooler on a hot day, and easier to clean and maintain. But composite wood decks are by far the best for the environment. Fully recycling wood is the only we can maintain our forests in the long term. So when it comes to improving the value and quality of your home you should think about whether you need a new solid wood deck. Or if you would be willing to take the recycling plunge and get a much stronger, better-made deck from past industrial processing.

The best part of composite decks, which can be made from wood flour, PVC, polyethylene, crushed minerals, or a polypropylene blend. The choices are endless and these alternative deck options can far outlast a normal wooden deck. With water and solar resistance and anti-bacterial treatments using natural organic substances, your deck will last up to thirty years compared to the new wood competitors. You will save much more in the long run by getting a composite deck. With a wood deck, made of new fresh wood you need to upkeep it almost every year, especially if you live In weather zones with a severe winter. You will need to regularly reapply sealants and UV resistant coating to keep the deck alive and after about ten or fifteen years it will have to come down. Sometimes sooner if you fail to keep up with the repairs of the deck. Dry and wet rot and serious water damage can make a deck a physical danger to the people standing on it.

When it comes to building a composite deck the four most important things to think about are the size of the deck, the complexity of the deck, the materials, do you want PVC or wood flour? And the labor cost of assembly. If you plan on doing it yourself with some of your weekend warrior friends then your labor costs are pizza and beer. The actual materials are often the most expensive part. And that is not referring to the structure of the deck itself. Railings, fastening, concrete in-ground supports, and can all impact cost. If you can do this without professional labor so be it but remember to research very well. Professionals are trained in this process and can take down and put up a deck much faster with much better tools. They will also bring haling to get the materials off your property. It’s an easy choice. Sweat and fork for months or have your new deck in one day, built and ready with all safety precautions taken.