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Tearing down a deck is a dangerous and careful process that requires several expensive tools and a lot of safety gear. It also requires expensive hauling and a very careful eye, no one wants to step on a rusty nail after the work has been done. Unless you are one of those weekend warriors with a garage full of tools and the no how to take down a deck you will want to hire professionals. We are safe, clean, and offer a competitive price. Our work is of very high quality and our pricing is clear as crystal. Call Us now for a no-obligation quote.

Our trained technicians can work on any deck, high or low, large or small.

Our technicians are at heights trained and fully insured, they can take down a deck at any height and of any size, big or small, tall or short. We remove decks and haul away all the debris to be recycled, and we do it all the same day.

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For total clarity, we have a standard starting price of $10/sqft. This price can be altered by various situations. The material the deck is made from, whether it be PVC or wood, concrete, or patio stones, and at what height the deck is at. If the deck is multi-level or goes so far as to be a two-story structure the price can go up. If the deck is a flat ground-level structure, then the price will likely remain at $10/sqft. The amount of wood, the process of removal, and the accessibility of the deck as well as how it was assembled play into the pricing. If your deck is simply laying on the ground with no concrete support structure it will be very easy to remove. If it has concrete in ground support that needs to be removed the price may go up. These are things that will define the cost of removal. Decks that are very high up will require special tools and technology so the price can go up from there. If you have a one hundred square foot, ground-level deck made of non-pressure treated wood with legs that touch the ground but are not set in concrete and the deck is not of multiple levels then that deck could be taken down for 1000 dollars flat, loaded on a truck or a bin and disposed of appropriately through a wood recycling plant. The labor and materials, the transportation, and disposal costs would all be included in the total price for the deck removal. Make sure to remove anything from the deck that you want to keep like furniture or toys, your barbecue, and anything else that may be on it. When we start we will immediately dispose of anything on the deck to make the work go faster. So leave what you don’t want, and take what you want inside. Debris removal is part of the price. All we ask for is a place to park and to load our trucks.

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Why Choose Us

Deck Demolition Mississauga. Mississauga is a city to the west of Toronto. It is like many areas outside of Toronto in that it is filled with nature and with it wildlife and insects. Now the dangers to a deck are limited. Raccoons will defaecate on it and put you and your family in danger of getting infected with a parasite called raccoon roundworm. Carpenter ants and carpenter bees can also damage your deck by borrowing into the wood and making holes that can travel in veins that can cause your deck to lose its structural integrity. Decks are also damaged by the weather and even the UV rays of the sun. Sunlight can cause the deck to age before its time. The UV radiation can drain the wood of its moisture and cause it to shrink and warp. Nails will become visible and poke out making the deck more dangerous. Rot can also destroy a deck. Dry rot is a green hue to the wood and needs to be chipped away and filled. Wet rot is more serious and may need a professional to resolve. while we can remove the deck or even just the rotting parts we can also repair them with wood hardener and filler. We can also remove it entirely which also comes with free disposal. Our pricing is always clear and transparent, call us for an estimate today!: 647-370-8133
We make sure to use only commercial-grade equipment when taking down your deck. We will never damage any part of your home while removing the deck, ensuring that the structure is maintained. We can take down decks made of any material from stone to concrete. Your deck could be PVC, pressure-treated wood, slate, paving stones, or more. They can all be removed by are experienced, trained, and insured technicians with disposal included in the price. We are a family company and believe we are responsible for your safety, we will never miss even one nail in the removal of your deck and will dispose of everything that can be saved for recycling. Your family and the environment are important to us. From sheds to third-story balconies we can remove it all. All of our technicians are covered with liability insurance and life insurance so both you and our workers are safe and protected.

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How we Work

Our workers will come on-site ready to work. The demolition will begin straight away, with no coffee and donuts first. The deck will be taken down structurally, not ripped down but disassembled. The planks will be removed, the railings and banisters and then the understructure of two by fours followed by whatever support is used to keep the deck in place. Either on groundwood support or in-ground beams with concrete supports. All materials will be deposited into one of our cube or bin trucks – disposal is included in the price. Our technicians are trained to keep track of every nail and every piece of wood that is removed. Nothing will be left, nothing will be forgotten, down to the last nail. We also will not leave the grounds unusable. After removing ground concrete struts we will fill the holes and make sure the property is safe for use immediately after we leave. Throwing wood away is destructive to the environment. Wood is precious and trees need to be saved. For this reason, none of the wood we take goes to a dump. The only kind of wood that cannot be recycled is pressure-treated wood which we do not install but will remove. This treated wood is filled with so many chemicals it has to be disposed of in a special site with a concrete base to prevent chemical leakage into the soil. Our Deck Demolition Mississauga team is fully insured and fully trained and very experienced. They can reduce any deck to portable rubble in an instant and save you the hassle of having to do it all yourself. Our tools are commercial grade and our hauling is industrial. Whatever you need we can remove it. If you have a deck you don’t want, then we can help.

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Hire a professional to remove your deck

Professionalism is not just calling the customer sir or mam but understanding their specific situation. Why they want the deck gone, what they want to do with the site after, and if we can help them with that as well. Some decks may have to be removed as they can pose a danger to you and other people on your street. Maybe you or someone you love got hurt on the deck and now you want it gone forever. Your deck could be fine but you just want some minor repairs, wet rot damage, or some again planks that get too much sunlight. We can do that as well. No two decks are the same, neither are the people who own them. Our team knows exactly what to look for when tearing down a deck. Nothing will be missed, down to the last nail. We will tear the deck down structurally, piece by piece at incredible speed. We then haul it, same day, to a facility that can recycle it or donate it. They will ensure that your Mississauga home is undamaged and that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why Demolish or Replace A Deck

Decks are not just for back yards. The boardwalk by the lake is also a deck and so is the back deck of that indie coffee shop you love. Decks are all over the place and most people never really think about them. The big problem with decks is that most of them do not have a roof. Without a roof, the deck is at the will of the elements and can end up getting damaged. Your deck, made of wood or PVC, or concrete is not immune to the outdoors. Plastic can age, weaken and bend, wood can rot out and dry up. Concrete can crack and stone can crumble, a deck is, in essence, a living thing. It will age and it will eventually die. When it does, call us in and will remove it and give it a new life as something else. And you will finally have the space to do what you want. 

It is very easy to inspect your deck and tell if it is too old and needs to be repaired or removed. Just look at it. Is it looking old and gray, is the wood looking warped and shrunken. Are nail’s showing above the wood? If you walk on the deck does it feel almost like you are bouncing up and down? This is called trampolining and happens when wood gets dry rot or has become too old to support you. This wood is on the verge of breaking and needs to be replaced. Nails pop out, the dangers get greater as the years go on. Pressure-treated wood lasts longer but is full of chemicals that will seep into the ground and its appearance is not as beautiful as natural wood. 

If your deck is in this bad of a state then taking it down may be the only answer. However, if there is only some rot, wet rot, or dry rot that is damaging only part of the deck then it can be resolved. Planks can be replaced, nails as well. Wet rot can be treated with wood hardener and filler and we can even go so far as to build you an entirely new deck. Whatever the reason Deck Demolition Mississauga will be with you every step of the way. 

Our Deck Demolition Mississauga Team is fully insured and licensed and highly trained and experienced. Our tools are always commercial grade and we can take down your deck often in one day while hauling it away in the process. We never throw the wood away we take it to a recycling plant so the wood can be made into something useful. We will remove it carefully and take it to our cube van or bin and make sure it remains usable

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