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What you need for your deck removal Oakville is a professional, experienced, and trained team. We are safe, clean and offer a competitive price. Our work is of remarkably high quality and our pricing is clear as crystal. Call Us now for a no obligation quote.

Our trained technicians can work on any deck, high or low, large, or small.

Our team is made of experienced and at height certified professionals who can demolish decks at any height. We remove decks and haul away all the debris to be recycled.

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Our demolition prices start at $10/square foot of deck or other wooden structure on your property. The price we offer for removal depends on several things from the type of wood used to build the deck, the amount of wood, the process of removal and the accessibility of the deck as well as how it was assembled. Does the deck have legs on the ground or is it supported with legs set in concrete underground? These are things that will define the cost of removal. If your deck is at ground level it can be cheaper to tear down than one that is higher up. A roof top deck may be more expensive than that.  A relatively easily accessible deck of about 100 square feet would be roughly $1000 to be taken apart, loaded on a truck or a bin and disposed of appropriately through a wood recycling plant. The labour and materials, the transportation and disposal costs, included in the total price for the tear down. Any items left on the deck will be disposed of, so make sure to clear it off before we start the tear down. Debris removal is part of the price. We need only parking and a place to load our vehicles. If your deck is larger, the cost of removing it will be higher than for a smaller deck.

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Why Choose Us

Deck Demolition Oakville. Oakville is a beautiful city filled with interesting architecture and an abundance of nature. Having a deck in Oakville is a necessity, without it how can you enjoy the beauty of the outside without getting your she is dirty. It is a place to rest, a place to have dinner. It is your home away from home. Decks are a social wonderland and everyone who has one loves to use it. That being said, your deck is not invincible. There are qualities of your deck that can make it dangerous. Decks are often a place for animals to live under and defecate on. The deck itself can also be a danger. As the deck ages it becomes less stable. Nails rise from their beds and boards warp twist and get week. If your deck is looking old, then that is exactly what it is. Old. And if you do not fix or replace it you will one day, find yourself falling through it. We can demolish decks, sheds, other outdoor structures including gazebos and even stone decks and patios, the property will be clear and ready for whatever you want to do with it, and in record time. Demolition and cleaning is done at the same time which is why you will never see any debris on site, only a deck that rapidly vanishes into the ether. Our pricing comes with this free disposal and our pricing is always clear and transparent. Call us for an estimate today! 647-370-8133​

We have the equipment to remove any deck made of any material at all. Your deck could be PVC, stone or even concrete and we can remove it. from sheds to third story balconies, we can remove it all. All our technicians are covered with liability insurance and life insurance so both you and our workers are safe and protected.  

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How we Work

We start fast and continue to work just as fast. If your deck is average in size it will be gone, like it was never there, in one day. As soon as we arrive workers will start disassembling deck boards and removing banisters safely and with the intent to recycle the wood. All materials will be deposited into one of our cube or bin trucks – disposal is included in the price. Our technicians will miss nothing. From every deck board to posts set I the ground in concrete, everything will be removed down to the last nail to ensure the safety of you and your family. We also do not dispose of wood in dumps. We believe that wasting wood damages the environment so non of the wood we take will ever appear in a dump or land fill, instead we will take it to a recycling station that allows the wood to be used for new things or to donate it to causes that are important. Our Deck Demolition Oakville technicians are fully insured and fully trained and very experienced. They can take on any kind of job no matter the size. Our tools are commercial grade, and our hauling is industrial. Whatever you need we can remove it. If you have a deck, you do not want, then we can help.

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Hire a professional to remove your deck

A professional is not just a person that works hard. Professionalism is kindness and sincerity. It is the awareness of the customers issues, fears and questions. We will answer any question regardless of house esoteric or benign it may be. For that reason, we treat every visit as an individual case. No two decks are similar, so your inspection and the removal should be to. Our team knows exactly what to look for when tearing down a deck. Nothing will be missed, down to the last nail. We will tear the deck down structurally, piece by piece in astounding pace. We then haul it, same day, to a physicality that can recycle it or donate it. They will ensure that your Oakville home is undamaged, and that your satisfaction is ensured.

Why Demolish or Replace A Deck

Decks can be a symbol. A symbol of status, of wealth and of your love of nature. Decks can be a meeting place for people. Decks are part of life and exist everywhere. From the boardwalk to the marina, from your back yard to the fancy restaurant downtown, decks are everywhere. That said, there are many dangers to a deck. The sun is the greatest, wind, rain and cold are also destructive. Your deck, made of wood, is, in essence a living thing. It will age and it will eventually die. When it does, call us in and will remove it and give it a new life as something else. And you will finally have the space to do what you want.

Your deck is not just in danger of the elements but also from insects and wildlife. Carpenter ants and bees will burrow holes in it and termites can destroy it and then move on into your home. Painting, varnishing, or rubberizing your deck will help prevent this from happening which is also something we offer. So, make sure to give your deck a UV resistant coating. Or better yet, let us do it. Decks made of concrete or patio stone are especially problematic as rodents can burrow beneath them and find entrances through your foundation. 

An old deck is old. It looks old like your grandpa looks old. There is no denying when a deck needs to be replaced. It can get weathered and moldy, splintered and shrunken. Nails pop out, the dangers get greater as the years go on. Pressure treated wood lasts longer but is full of chemicals that will seep into the ground and its appearance is not as beautiful as natural wood. When the old deck is gone, we can up and build you a new deck, so you never have to be without a deck for more than one or two days. Maybe you regret getting one built from pressure treated wood. We can remove it and replace it with a deck made of real wood, oak, cherry, whatever you desire. Whatever the reason Deck Demolition Oakville will be with you every step of the way. Our Deck Demolition Oakville’s Team is fully insured and licensed and highly trained and experienced. Our tools are always commercial grade, and we can take down your deck often in one day while hauling it away in the process. We never throw the wood away we take it to a recycling plant so the wood can made into something useful. We will remove it carefully and take it to our cube van or bin and make sure it remains usable.

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