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Decks age just like living things. They can get old and twisted, they can rot and they can break and snap from the mere pressure of your foot. Decks take work. You need to take care of them or they will die. If you have a deck you are done with then call us, we can take your deck down in likely just one day, with clear-cut pricing and hauling included. We are insured and skilled and use industrial hauling and commercial-grade tools.

Our price is all-inclusive. One price for the takedown, the removal, the hauling, and the recycling. We never dispose of good wood in a landfill.

No matter where or what your deck is made of we can take it down. With liability insurance, life insurance, and a can-do attitude we will take down any deck of any size, big or small, tall or short. We’ll tear it down and haul it to a recycling plant the same day. If possible and if not we will make sure it is left structurally sound and that all materials are hauled off so the area is safe and ready for work the next day.

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Deck Removal CosT

To demo your deck the fee starts at a flat rate. Ten dollars per square foot of material. How do we measure it? Carefully. If your deck is roughly one hundred square feet and sits on the ground without in-ground concrete stabilizers then the deck can be demolished for only one thousand dollars plus tax. While the price can change it will only change based on the deck itself. If the deck is high, like a balcony it will be more expensive to take down. If your deck has struts burred with concrete the price may go up. If the deck is made of pressure-treated wood or is suffering from extreme rot then the price may change. Whatever happens, we will be with you every step of the way from inspection to hauling which is included in the price. A small deck with ground-level support can be taken down for cheap. The same goes for slightly larger decks. If your deck is multi-level then the price can go up. If the deck covers more than one floor then it will take some careful work and the price will reflect that. The labor and materials, the transportation, and disposal costs would all be included in the total price for the deck removal. Make sure to remove anything from the deck that you want to keep like furniture or toys, your barbecue, and anything else that may be on it. When we start we will immediately dispose of anything on the deck to make the work go faster. So leave what you don’t want, and take what you want inside. Debris removal is part of the price. All we ask for is a place to park and to load our trucks.

Why Choose Us

Deck Demolition Scarborough. Scarborough is one of the largest cities in Toronto. It spans a massive area from East York’s edge to the 401. It has industry and multiple major intersections with restaurants and grocery stores along with a great deal of forest and a national park right to the west. This means your deck could be occupied by a wild animal like a skunk or raccoon who may also defecate on the deck. This can be a reason to have your deck taken down if this happens regularly, maybe it has become a home for rodents. Whatever your reason we can help. We use industrial tools and hauling to get the job done fast. We never dispose of wood in a dump unless it is pressure treated which is non-recyclable. If your deck is rotting we can also repair it instead of taking it down. This can be caused by bacteria and said feces is one of the causes. The wood can be hardened and filled and the surface treated so it will not rot again for a long period. We can also remove it entirely which also comes with the disposal, completely free. Our pricing is always clear and transparent, call us for an estimate today!: 647-370-8133​


The goal of our process is to ensure that the deck is removed safely and without damage to your home or danger to our technicians. We do this methodically removing the board first, then the two-by-four understructure followed by the supports. The home will not be damaged in any way during the removal. It does not matter what your deck is made of, it does not even have to be a deck. Any exterior structure made of wood, metal, PVC, or concrete can be removed by our technicians. From a fence to a gazebo to an old rust aluminum shed. Plastic sheds, no problem? Brick, yes, even brick. We can remove it all and more. Our experienced, trained, and insured technicians will haul and recycle the wood, or other material and that is included in the price. While we cannot recycle every material we will ensure that everything that can be recycled is. We are a family company and we respect your family and your property. We guarantee that nothing will be left from the takedown. Not even a single nail. We care about your safety as much as we care about our technicians and ensuring both our safety and yours is the only way we do it. Your family and the environment because there is too much waste going to. All of our technicians are covered with liability insurance and life insurance so both you and our workers are safe and protected.  

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How we Work

We arrive on-site ready to get to work. The inspection is quick, we take note of the materials, the structure, and the method used to hold it all together. We then disassembled it step by step. We work like this to keep your family safe and unharmed in case our takedown requires multiple days. Everything will be hauled away that has been removed and the structure will be taped off with warning tape to ensure no one gets hurt. We work quickly and intelligently ensuring the deck comes down without anything falling or being difficult to handle. Down to in-ground concrete stabilized posts we can remove it all and leave the property looking like it was never there. Either on-ground wood support or in-ground beams with concrete stabilizers. We dispose of everything in our bin or cube truck and take it off the property at the end of the day. Nothing will ever be lost because we train our technicians to keep track of every piece of wood and anything, like nails, that could be dangerous if left on site. We can take your deck, transport it off the property like magic in no time at all and you will have your backyard back, or an opportunity to build a new deck the right way. Whatever you need we can remove it. If you have a deck you don’t want, then we can help.

Hire a professional to remove your deck

Professionalism is a big word but not a lot of people take it seriously. Professionalism isn’t just saying sir or mam, it’s taking into account how you feel about the deck and its removal. Is the deck something you love and want to remember? Would you like us to build the same deck with new materials, just like the old one? We consider professionalism to be vast, covering everything from your family’s safety to your fundamental wants and desires. We can build whatever you want in its place. Did you want the deck down and a fence up? Easy for us. How about a new shed, or a garden ready for planting. An in-ground swimming pool? Why not. And what was there will be gone entirely? No piece will be missed. That is professionalism. If you want your deck repaired, replaced, or even just duplicated we can help and we will take it as seriously as you do. We will ensure your home is undamaged in the process and haul everything we takedown off the property by end of the day.

Why Demolish or Replace A Deck

Your deck is a wonderful thing, it’s a chance to be with friends, neighbors, and with family. People will come to your home specifically because of your beautiful deck. But decks can hold dark secrets. Wet and dry rot, sun damage, warped wood, and the feeling like you are on a trampoline when you walk on it. These are liability dangers. If you find any of this, nails sticking out or planks cracking and sagging then you need to halt any further gatherings and get this deck repaired, or better yet, replaced. Don’t lose your deck, our pricing is so affordable you could have the who deck torn down and replaced in a matter of a couple of days and for half the cost you would find somewhere else.

Inspecting your deck when it is in this sort of state can be dangerous. Do not test it by walking on it firmly you will get injured. Inspect it from underneath with a bright flashlight. Look for signs of rot, wet rot is clear as the wood falls apart when you tough it but dry rot can be tricky to find. Look for a green hue to the wood and that will tell you if you have dry rot. If your deck looks old, the board is gray and warped and nails are sticking out and you seem to bounce when you walk on it then it’s done. The deck is a tear-down. You need a brand new deck made with brand new wood and that is what we can do for you at an incredibly low and clear price with no strings attached.

A lot of people think if they get a deck made of pressure-treated wood it will last forever. This is sort of right. It will last a hell of a long time more than a badly made natural wood deck. But they also leach chemicals into the soil. If they have inground supports it’s even worse. When it rains the chemicals run off and poison the water table. With our help, we can remove the pressure-treated wood safely and dispose of it in a facility with a concrete barrier between the garbage and the soil. Pressure-treated wood is completely unrecyclable because cutting it lets loose the dangerous chemicals and can even poison a human or animal. We can replace damaged or rotting parts of your deck but if it is looking old you may just be staving off a liability issue that will come back and bite you later. Get it to take down and then put it back up, or take it down and leave it. Different type of deck? Maybe something completely different. A gazebo or a palapa, whatever makes you happy makes us happy. Whatever you need, Deck Demolition Scarborough will be with you every step of the way.

Our Deck Demolition Scarborough Team is kitted out with the best commercial and industrial-grade tools to take your deck down fast and safely. We do it structurally and never leave anything left on site after it’s hauled. We never dispose of good wood, even dry rotted wood can be given new life so everything we can get recycled. We will remove it carefully and take it to our cube van or bin and make sure it remains usable.