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Hire a professional demolition team for your deck removal. We are competitively priced, safe and clean. Our pricing is transparent and our work is solid. Call Us now for a no obligation quote.

Our team can handle every job, large or small, low or high!

We are a team of hard working and at height certified professionals and can do at heights deck demolition as well. We remove decks and haul away all the debris.

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Our pricing starts at about $10 per square foot of deck. Pricing can very depending on materials we are removing, accessibility, height and volume. A relatively easily accessible deck of about 100 square feet would be roughly $1000 to be taken apart, loaded on a truck or a bin and disposed appropriately. All labor, materials, transportation and disposal costs are included in the price. All deck junk is removed promptly and disposed. Removal of debris is included in the price. The only thing we request is access and parking for our vehicles to be loaded. Obviously, if your deck is larger, the cost of removing it will be higher than for a smaller deck.

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Why Choose Us

Deck Demolition Toronto. We are competitively priced, professional and transparent. Our team is clean and fast. We demolish decks, sheds, other outdoor structures, remove debris carry everything out and take it away from your property the same day. Our pricing is transparent and we can quote over the phone. We dispose all of the removed materials. Disposal is included in our pricing. Call us for an estimate: 647-370-8133​

Our team is trained in all types of demolitions and we have all the necessary equipment to get the job done. We are also carry liability insurance.

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How we Work

Once our team arrives they get to work. We will start by safely removing deck boards and transporting everything safely to one of our cube or bin trucks – disposal is included in the price. Once the deck boards are removed then we slowly start taking the supports out and loading them one by one into our truck. After the demolition is complete our team will remove all debris and make sure the work site is clean and safe. We are focused on positively affecting the environment and with that in mind we never dispose of wood in a garbage or dump. All wood is taken to a recycling station and used to make something new while also preserving our precious forests. Our Deck Demolition Toronto technicians are fully insured and fully trained to take on your job, no matter how big and no matter how small. We only use the best when it comes to tools, commercial grade tools and industrial grade hauling. If you have a deck you don’t want, then we can help.

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Hire a professional to remove your deck

Professionalism is more than tools and training. A professional is someone who cares about you, your family and your situation. That is why we treat every visit as an individual case. No deck is the same, so why should your inspection be? Our technicians know what to look for, and took look for what they don’t know. They will find the best, fastest and most efficient means of tearing down your deck and getting rid of the remnants. They will ensure that your Toronto home is undamaged in the process and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why Demolish or Replace A Deck

Decks are a wonderful place to spend your day, its like a room outside, but decks can also hide terrible secrets. Wild animals like raccoons and skunks tend to live under them. Those same raccoons will then defecate on your deck. Rats and mice will use your deck as a place to hide or burrow as they make or find entry ways into your home. A deck can become infested as well. 

Carpenter bees and carpenter ants, termites and other pests can infest the deck very easily. There are no barriers, the wood is ready for the taking. This includes decks made of concrete as rodents can burrow underneath it and use the burrows to find entrances through the foundation deep in the earth. 

Decks can also get old and even mouldy. If the wood is not pressure treated you could end up stepping on a weak plank and have it snap beneath your feet. Perhaps you just want a new deck. Whatever the reason Deck Demolition Toronto will be with you every step of the way. Our Deck Demolition Toronto technicians are insured and highly trained and our tools are commercial grade. We can take down your deck fast and haul it away even faster. We don’t just toss the wood in the garbage, we recycle it! We are careful in removing it and take it to a recycling station where it can find a new use.

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