What Can I Do With My Old Deck?

Decks are never a permanent structure. Even concrete decks, porches, sheds can be replaced frequently. Wooden decks, especially if the wood is not pressure treated have a very short lifetime in Ontario. Winter alone can destroy a deck in just a couple of years and rain and humidity will also cause major issues. As the deck warps and twists in the sun, gets damp and then dries improperly it will start pushing out nails and getting aggressive splinters.

The deck will start to crack under your feet creating a sense of walking on a trampoline. You may cut yourself on a nail or get a splinter or your foot could go stright through a panel. If your deck looks old, it is and that is when you should tear it down. But wait, don’t get a garbage container yet. This wood can still be used if it is removed with care. When your old deck get too weak to stand and time comes to tear it down a lot of people wonder “what do I do with all this wood”? Most of the wood is still good, maybe not for building another deck, but certainly for other projects. You can do anything with it. Did you know your community probably has a wood recycling plant, or even a charity that uses the wood to help people who cannot afford it.

There is no telling where it may end up. Toothpicks?A new barn or maybe it will be used to build homes in a poor country. You can also give the wood away to anyone who wants it. Lumber is expensive and old wood is beautiful. Even if it is dirty and broken it can still be used. An old piece of broken wood can be made into a piece of furniture or a new coffee table.

Maybe take one of the sturdy planks and make a swing on a tree branch. Whatever you do with it, do not take it to the dump or leave it outside to rot. Rotting wood attracts termites and carpenter ants and even carpenter bees to your property. They can also be the cause of rodents and other issues. The wood will also be an eye sore that may get neighbours upset. So getting rid of it in a way that saves the wood from the garbage is the best way to get rid of it. Better yet, if someone wants it enough they may come and haul it off your property for free. If you are considering removing your deck give us a call. We can demolish it and take it away.