lifespan of deck

What is the Average Lifespan of a Deck?

Decks vary in how long they can remain usable. Decks that are built strong last a long time. Flimsy decks will last less. The type of wood is also important. If your deck is made from oak, cherry, or redwood it will stand for generations. If it has been veneered, oiled, and cared for throughout its life it will last a hundred years. Decks are at your behest. They will live as long as you let them live and will die when not given attention. Decks are damaged mostly by the elements and the most damaging one of all is sunlight and moister. Sunlight can dry out your wood. Even a thousand-year-old wood beam has moister in it. And if that moister goes away the wood will suffer its final death. It will lose its ability to maintain its structure and will start to fall apart underneath your feet. The best way to deal with this is to tear down your deck. But that comes with a mighty cost. Doing it yourself as a weekend warrior can be done but it’s a long hard road. Tearing it down will still take a lot of time and money and repairing it is not easy either. Stopping wet rot takes special chemicals that can be dangerous to use. And filling the area after the rot is removed requires skill and talent as well as a heap of patience.

Life span. How can you sit down and calculate how long your deck will survive? There are a lot of variables to this equation. The x-factor is the earth itself. How much sun does the deck get in a year? Is it in the shade? How much rain does it get in a year? Are you in a dry place, a wet place? Do you get to winter and for how long and how bad? Is your deck near water, like a pool? Does it have a hot tub? Steam and moisture build-up especially on hot days. Having these items near your deck will advance its age by multiple factors. It’s not what you want to hear. Having a deck with a hot tub is the dream of every man and woman from sea to shining sea and yet it is a death sentence for your deck. Unless it is properly constructed and that is something we at Deck Demolition Toronto can offer. Is your deck rotting from the moisture? Barriers and treatments can stop that. Is the deck getting aged by the sun, there are treatments and barriers for that? Is your deck seeming rubbery with nails pocking out? There is no solution for that. That deck needs to be torn down.

So, call us now, our prices are clear, and our tools are commercial grade. Hauling is included in the price and if you want a new deck, we can build it for you, with all the considerations taken into account so it will last longer and stand better than any deck you have had before.