Deck Boards Rot

Why Are My Deck Boards Rotting?

Decks are a floor outside. Floors are not made to be outside so decks, being quite literally a floor will come to a much faster end than the floors you have that are covered by a roof. For this reason you must protect your deck. You cannot build a solid wood deck, from non-treated or pressure treated wood and expect it to last with nothing on it. The deck is wooden floor out in the elements. It is struck by rain it is splashed with mud and it is pelted, daily with UV radiation. Now in this case a little UV radiation would be a good thing for your deck. But if you live in a place that sees less sunlight, more humidity and more rain then your deck is in danger of rot. Rot is a bacterial infection. Just like humans who stay out in the cold too long, a deck can also get sick. The wood stays damp for too long and becomes soft enough that naturally occurring bacteria that already lives on the wood becomes able to consume it. They eat the soft fibers and leave the hard ones creating dents in the wood that turn a shade of green and leave menacing splinters that can cause some serious damage. This will quickly wear your wood down and make it unsafe. The wood, from the dampness and water collecting now that it has a dip will further the rot and result in a plank they may break under foot. This can be a disaster if you fall through a plank and hurt yourself. What more is as the wood warps and shrinks the nails start to bare and can cause a trip to the hospital for a tetanus shot. No one wants to spend their weekend doing that. So inspect your deck for everything described and make sure your deck is protected from the elements. This can be done with a variety of treatments. While painting your deck can protect it from carpenter bees its not an effective way of protecting it from the elements. What should be done is for every piece of wood, before it is installed as a deck, must be varnished with a UV resistant clear coat that will preserve the deck for years to come. This alone will stop your deck from again nearly as quickly, prevent rotting, sun damage and burrowing insects. If you make sure to use a UV resistant clear coat that is safe for the environment then you will have doubled your winnings. A safe, natural wood deck with an environmentally friendly clear coat on every piece. A deck that will last the ages.


Now getting this deck is a lot of work, unless you go with Deck Demolition Toronto! We price by the square foot and its just ten dollars to start. With a quick inspection work can be done on the same day. Your old deck will be torn down and disposed of safely with the intent to recycle the wood, not throw it in a landfill. What’s more is we can then build a new deck in any style you want, with your choice of wood and a clear coat carefully applied to every side of every panel, post and railing that will give you decades of use from your perfect deck. No more splinters and no remorse.