Rotten Wooden Deck Repair

Will Vinegar Stop Wood Rot?

Decks are a place for families, friends, and neighbors to get together without getting mud all over your house. They are a testament to your success and wealth as a person and a sign of your status in society as a landowner and as a deck owner. Decks, however, are a true luxury in that they are a floor unprotected by a roof. This means that nature will have its way with the deck whether you like it or not. The deck will be pounded by wind and rain, it may get defecated on by wild animals, it may get infested with bugs, or even show signs of rot. There are two main kinds of rot. Both require some dampness but one is much worse than the other. Dry rot is something that can happen even if your deck boards do not pool water. Flat and straight but repeatedly getting damp in certain weather. This can result in a slow crawling rot that can take its time but result in unknown structural integrity. The reason it is called dry rot is that the rot can continue without much moisture. Wet rot is something we are all aware of. It’s fast and vicious and will rip through your deck in moments. Both kinds of rot are caused by bacteria, and both can be prevented but the only one can sometimes be repaired. Wet rot is the end of your wood if it can be replaced so be it but the rest of the deck is likely not far behind. If you find wet rot you must assume it’s everywhere. The good news is the deck will be very easy to tear down, the bad news is it will make a big nest.


If your deck is showing dry rot, a greenish hue on dry wood that seems to be making a shallow bowl shape in the wood leaving tougher blades of wood around it. This is dry rot and can be more dangerous than wet. The reason being that you do not know if dry rot is something that can slowly eat at a deck and not be noticed. Especially if the deck is painted. This can be prevented easily by weatherproofing all the wood before it is assembled using a UV and waterproof varnish. Do this and your deck will be beautiful forever.


If you find your deck is rotten to the core then it’s time to take it down. While you can do the work yourself it will take months of weekend warrior-ing to get it finished. Hire a professional like Deck Demolition Toronto and your deck will be there one moment and gone in the next. Every plank, every stud, and every nail, off your property in one day. And have no fear we make sure to recycle everything from the wood to the nails, nothing goes in a landfill. So why wait? Call us now!